Lip Seal by Craigs Custom Motorcycles

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10 Pack Lip Seal $150 plus $9.95 S & H

Singe Pack Lip Seal $25 Plus $7 S & H

Craig’s Custom Motorcycles makes no guarantees on the performance of Lip Seal.

The success of Lip Seal depends upon proper application.

Blisters getting you down?

If bung hole blisters are sabotaging your custom paint job, we have the solution for you! At Craig’s Custom Motorcycles, we’ve had over four years of testing our Lip Seal on the hundreds of gas tanks we’ve painted since 2003. This sealant will eradicate blisters caused by gas fumes seeping under the paint layer, preventing reworks which COST you time and money. Reduce your failure rate to 1 in 100!

Lip Seal Step 1

1. Use 80-grit sandpaper to rough up the inside edge of the bung hole.

Lip Seal Step 2

2. Place the gas tank on a level surface to prevent the sealant from running.

Lip Seal Step 3

3. Remove the clip on the Lip Seal and knead the tube several minutes to mix the clear compounds into a milky sealant.

Lip Seal Step 4

4. Cut the tube at the edge closest to the clip point, the shorter end. Squeeze the sealant out.

Lip Seal Step 5

5. Stir the sealant thoroughly with an acid brush or Q-tip.

Lip Seal Step 6

6. For raised-lip gas tanks, apply the sealant over both the inside unfinished metal and the outside painted rim. For flush-mounted gas tanks, apply the sealant only to the inside unfinished metal, up to the edge of the paint.

7. Wipe off any excess sealant on the threads. Allow to air-cure over 24 hours at room temperature. For instant cure, bake under an infrared lamp for 5 minutes. Allow area to cool, then bake again for another 5 minutes. Set timer to prevent over-baking!

8. After the 24-hour cure, the bung hole may still be slightly tacky. This is normal, so just apply a thin layer of oil to the seal gasket of the gas cap.

9. Each tube of Lip Seal is good for 2 to 4 gas tank applications, when applied at the same time. Discard unused sealant.

Tech Sheet

Lip Seal Tech Sheet


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Lip Seal is a clear, near transparent, medium viscosity epoxy adhesive formulation developed for rigid

laminating, sealing and bonding applications where the combination of good wetting plus improved

mechanical electrical properties is required. This two-part liquid epoxy adhesive contains no solvents

and is easy to mix, use and apply at room temperature. Lip Seal develops strong, rigid, high

performance bonds to itself and to ceramics, glass and glass fabrics, metals, laminates and other

composite materials, forestry and masonry products, and to most rigid plastics. Fully cured Lip Seal is

an effective electrical insulator, and further provides excellent resistance to weather, galvanic action,

vapors, JP4 fuel, gasoline, lubricants and other petroleum products, mild acids and alkalis, salts, and

other organic and inorganic compounds.


Color Clear, Transparent

Specific gravity, mixed 1.21

Viscosity, cps, mixed ((after mixing) @ 25°C) 12000

Thixotropic index 1

Operating temperature range, °C -60/125

Hardness, Shore D 87

Mix ratio, pbw, Resin/Hardener 100/25

Coefficient of expansion, cm/cm/°C 0.000052

Impact, izod, ft. lbs/inch of notch 0.2

Dielectric strength, volts/mil 420

Dielectric constant (1 KHz @ 25°C) 4.1

Dissipation factor (1 KHz @ 25°C) 0.02

Volume resistivity, ohm-cm @ 25°C 60000000000000

Volume resistivity, ohm-cm @ 25°C (ohm-cm @ 100°C) 9800000000

Reactive solids contents, % 100

Outgassing, NASA Passes


24 hours @ 25°C or

4 hours @ 65°C


20 minutes